Welcome to the SWGOH 501st old Division guild WikiEdit

If you've just joined or thinking of joining, and been pointed here, be sure to read the Guild Rules. Please join our discord recruitment server by clicking here -> [1]

We are a friendly UK based guild, doing Heroic Rancor and Heroic Tank as many times a week as tickets allow, so are after people who contribute their 600 daily energy so we can raid as often as possible. Our Guild reset time is 18:30GMT / 19:30BST, we launch hRancor and hATT at reset (with 24hr 0 score) whenever we have the tickets. As of Apr 2018, we are 132m GP, and get 42* in LSTB, 42* in DSTB. We look for active, friendly people, but who still take the game seriously. We look for people with several strong squads, around 2.5m GP minimum.

We use discord to communicate, the link in our in game guild description will take you to our recruitment server.

NEW - Details on the Sith Raid - Click for the basic plan.

Useful linksEdit

Here are some useful links. Feel free to add your own. - Brilliant site that you can enter your player ID, sync your squad, and it will help you see all your mods, and characters. It also has a huge database of statistics for almost everything about the game, such as gear and which toons need what. Highly recommended to register on here.

Crouching rancor - Useful site with several interesting things in the tools menu, like mod helpers. - Some useful TB tools, e.g. how to fill platoons (uses swgoh data)

Heroic AAT prep guide - . Dont forget to visit our own Heroic AAT page for rules and tips.

Most effective nodes to farm gear, and drop rates -

Lots of useful guides on the game forums - - Lots of useful tips, especially how to mod every toon